What To Expect and Guidelines

                                   Ladies, the staff and volunteers want to make sure your experience with Prom Genie, Inc. is a GREAT one.

                                                  Please read the following guidelines and information before you arrive at the "Boutique".

                                                                                          WHAT TO EXPECT:

                                                                         1. A Warm Friendly Atmosphere

                                                                         2. A Personal Shopper Volunteer

                                                                         3. IF, shoes and accessories are available we will match them with your  dress.

                                                                         4. Make Some Friend

                                                                          5. Based on the time you arrive you may have to wait, please be patient !!

                                                                      Everything is on a First Come, First Serve Basis


                                                                          DON'T FORGET THE FOLLOWING:

                                                                           Registration will begin promptly at 9 a.m.

                                                                          Students must be currently enrolled in school.

                                               You must have a current school I.D. or a letter of verification from your school

                                                  You will receive ONE dress and any accessories that we may have available

                                                  You are allowed to bring ONE female person with you into the boutique area

                                                              Additional family members will have to wait in the waiting area

                                                         Babies,Toddlers and Children are not permitted in the boutique area.

            Please make sure you have someone there who can take care of them while you shop. They are not allowed in dressing area.

                                                 Adults CANNOT shop on behalf of the student- the student must be in attendance