2017 Scholarship Recipient
                                                    Mariah Barren


                                                                Mariah Barren -2017 Salutatorian



                     She will attend Central Michigan University to major in psychology and music.

"Even though I went through an extremely rough patch my sophomore year and lost a bunch of people I thought I would always need in my life, I now know that they were in my life to teach me something and make me stronger than I was before. I have not become the woman I want to be yet, but I'm so much more closer to that with the experiences I have had so far.  I've learned that success starts from within and only YOU have the power to make the most of it."
"Aside from school life and education, I am a singer. I was in the ACT-SO competition for 2016 in which I sung and won the local competition with a gold medal. Although I did not win the National competition, It was a wonderful experience going to Cincinnati Ohio, my first real time being away from home. This year I plan to return to the local competition for ACT-SO with another gold medal victory to enable me to go to Maryland with the program this year."
I am so grateful for this opportunity to better my education and I just want to say thank you--to Prom Genie,and to those that support me. 
                                                         Thank you so so much for making my life better.